Wedgewood-Houston Video Features Local Artisans And Businesses

January 13, 2017

Wedgewood-Houston takes pride in being one of Nashville’s most eclectic and unique neighborhoods. The neighborhood’s charm is rooted in the local businesses and artisans that choose to make We-Ho home. From David Lusk and Zeitgeist galleries to Grimey’s New and Preloved Music, artisans, musicians and business professionals alike feel right at home here — a place where culture and individuality are celebrated.

The Finery is proud to be a part of this ever-growing community and celebrates the collective efforts of it residents and businesses to create a diverse, thriving neighborhood.

Check out this video that captures the eclectic and creative spirit of Wedgewood-Houston. Thank you to the many local businesses who participated in this short film.

Video produced by Small-r

Special Thanks

  • Alien Audio
  • Atlas Motorworks
  • Bastion
  • Clay Kottler Woodcrafts
  • Corsair Distillery
  • Fort Houston
  • Gabby’s Burgers
  • Grand Palace
  • Green Guitar
  • Julia Martin Gallery
  • Manuel Zeitlin Architects
  • Matt Gifford Designs
  • South Nashville Action People
  • Southbound Custom
  • Surface Designs
  • United Record Press
  • Zeitgeist Gallery
  • 5 String Furniture